Find the largest selection of in-stock industrial supply products for your business. Give your employees access to the tools and supplies they need to perform their duties efficiently and safely. With Staples Business Advantage you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

Drills, hammers, tool kits and more!

Staples Business Advantage continues to grow and expand our selection including the tools you need to keep your operation up and running. As a trusted partner you can rely on the convenience of a single source while ensuring your objectives are being met.

Get all the tools you need, all in one place

Staples Business Advantage carries over 10,000 products in the following categories:

  • Tools and Toolboxes
  • Material Handling Carts, Dollies and Pump Trucks
  • Industrial Shelving and Storage
  • Spill and Clean up Equipment
  • Ladders and Step Stools
  • Warehouse Supplies
  • Heaters, Fans, and Air Purification
  • Test, Inspection & Measuring Equipment
  • Outdoor / Landscaping Equipment and Tools
Product Categories

We carry a large selection of the leading brands and continue to add new products each day.



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