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Health and safety at the workplace

The importance of health and safety in the workplace was always an essential task, but what we have learned from the impacts of the recent pandemic is that employers must be aware of all interactions in a new light as employees return to work. The change of lifestyle for employees balancing work from home recently took adjustment. Returning to work comes with its own set of anxieties and concerns for employees, particularly concerning how safe the workplace is.

Our account managers have some helpful tips for you to consider when creating a plan for your employees to return to working at the office. Contact your account manager at Staples Business Advantage to conduct a facility consultation that is tailored to your company’s needs. If you do not see something you need on – your account manager can work with you to source the products you need in a timely manner. Ensure you’ve fully prepared with resources and Personal Protective Equipment to keep your workforce safe. It’s also a good idea to order necessary products to keep your business running as a future pandemic planning measure. Planning, preparation and timing is key to protect your business investment and protect your employees.

Trusted Safety Solutions For Your Business

Safety SolutionsWhen it comes to safety, you want the best for your employees. That’s why we offer products from trusted brands used by Canadian companies to keep their employees healthy and happy.

We carry thousands of products dedicated to making the workplace safer for you and your staff. Protection is important – it doesn’t have to be difficult. Our team can provide you with insights into legal requirements for safety in the workplace to help you select products, services and solutions that are right for you.

With Staples Business Advantage , you can make the most of every supply order with expert advice from leading manufacturers like:

  • 3M
  • Wasip
  • Latoplast
  • SCN Industrial
  • Dentec Safety Specialists and more
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Safety and Facility Audit

Managing safety for your facility feels like a full-time job, but in most cases, it’s just one of many responsibilities you have.

To get the best results, you want backup from someone who really knows the field. Staples Business Advantage has a team of safety experts with full product knowledge to help you make the best decision for what you need.

With our selection expanding everyday, finding solutions for your facility have never been so easy.

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