Staples Premium Membership

Best for offices with 15+ employees. Becoming a Premium Member is absolutely risk-free. If you don’t save as a result of membership on office supplies after one year, you get your money back!
Delivery and Installation

Facility Management Products

Up to 10% off! Keep your office clean and productive

Breakroom Products

Breakroom Products

Up to 10% off! A stocked breakroom means happy staff

Special Paper Pricing

Special Paper Pricing

You won't find a better deal on paper

Ink and Toner

Ink and Toner

Up to 10 % And hundreds of products you use every day

Save Thousands on Office Supplies with Staples Premium Membership

Premium Membership for all office supplies

Save up to 10% Off Nationally Advertised Pricing on these Products
• Breakroom Supplies
• Cleaning and Janitorial
• Staples Brand Products
• Toners

Just in Time Savings
Dedicated account management team to help you manage your program and track spending.

Special Paper Pricing
Get exclusive pricing on the office paper you rely on every day.

Exclusive Premium Program Offers
Special exclusive offers for Premium members. Save on hundreds of our top products.

*Prices displayed will reflect your Premium membership discounts and are based on our nationally published prices. Discounts apply to select products.