Whether you are a startup or a commercial business, Staples Business Advantage are the leading provider of office products in Canada. From technology to everyday office supplies, we provide business solutions for all industries and firm size. Our goal is to improve your business processes, reduce your expenses and to help make your job easier through our offerings. Learn how we can help your business save thousands on your monthly expenses!

Just Some Of The Businesses We Serve

Home Office (Startup)

Home Office Procurement
Starting your own business? We have ideas, programs and products to help it grow no matter the size.

Need help supplying or growing your business? Browse our products or set up an account today!

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Small Businesses (5-10 Employees)

Small Business Operator
Small businesses have unique needs and demands. That’s why we specialize in providing programs and promotions that save time, money and stress by providing supply chain support and discounts based on your usage.

We love helping small businesses grow! Learn more about our services or set up an account for added savings and benefits!

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Medium Businesses (15-100 Employees)

Medium Sized Business Operations
Medium-sized businesses require special attention and involve more complex supply chain processes than small businesses. Our team of Account Managers and Business Development Managers will help you find solutions that let you get back to growing and improving your business.

Looking to save time, money and effort when it comes to your supply chain management? We have a solution for you.

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Enterprises (Multiple Locations)

Enterprise Business Needs
Enterprises (multi-location) businesses have enormous resource demands where small alterations have large impacts on the bottom line. That’s why we focus on providing comprehensive business development solutions designed to take the burden off of your teams and help you focus on improving your KPI’s.

We want our relationship to be a win-win. Let us help you build up your bottom line and save you time and money with your procurement needs!

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Government Purchasing and Standing Offers
We can develop a program that complies with the regulations you’re bound by and the department goals you want to set, providing you with only the highest levels of service and value.

You’ll also have the option to join any of our partner cooperative programs, which simplifies the supplier selection for office products and more. That’s not all, to make your procurement even easier, your program will be managed by our government experts, who have significant tenure in working with the public sector.

Special Government benefits include:

•Local sales representation by experienced Account Managers dedicated to government agencies
•Support for green initiatives at all our ISO14001 locations
•Budgeting and cost containment support
•World-class customer service and delivery services from all our ISO9001 distribution centres
•Dedicated on-boarding team to help reach all your departments or related agency sites thereby maximizing your ability to control spend

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Healthcare Industry
The healthcare industry demands unique business solutions and effective supply chain management. We use both to provide you with a personalized business strategy so you can spend less time acquiring supplies and more time taking care of your patients.

From acute-care medical facilities and surgical centres to outpatient clinics, imaging centres, physician practices and nursing homes, we have the people, products and technology that you need.

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Legal Industry
Legal teams require concise, dependable business solutions. Our approach to supply chain management means that your team can spend more time helping your clients and less time acquiring the tools you need.

With a complete line of legal industry supplies and fast delivery, we work hard to ensure that you can easily order everything your law firm needs to get through the busy day.
Order everything your law office needs from one easy source.

• Index Tabs
• Litigation Paper
• Record Backs
• Minute Books
• Furniture, Technology, Office Supplies and more

Legal Firm Capabilities PDF
• Office Products for Law Firms
• Legal-Specific Products
• Download Legal Support Solutions PDF

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We believe there is nothing more important than education. That’s why we take extra care supporting our educational accounts from daycares to grad schools with everything from school supplies to eco-friendly furniture and everything in between.

Build a 21st century classroom, with a wide range of collaboration tools from Staples Business Advantage. Watch how we transformed an empty classroom into a collaborative learning space.

Watch Now https://youtu.be/-7pPvEemwOs

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Commercial Business
Your commercial business has a lot of demands – sales, marketing, administration and finance. We help take the guesswork out of your supply chain and procurement needs by providing you with a one-stop shop for all your operational and support requirements.

We help you find a customized solution to fit your specific business needs!

Your customized program will include:

•A dedicated and proactive Account Management team that exclusively serves customers of your size
•Cost-reduction strategies that help you go beyond product cost savings to hard- and soft-dollar savings in your ordering, delivery and invoicing processes
•A program that centralizes and connects all of your national and/or global product and service needs, offering you greater spend control, increased compliance, and comprehensive reporting
•State-of-the art ordering platform tools
•A comprehensive implementation plan that assures the rapid and successful national rollout of your program while driving the highest compliance levels
•Accurate, consistent next-business-day delivery service for all of your locations through our national distribution network

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Industrial, Maintenance and Repair Operations
As a business owner in the industrial space, you know that customers don’t like waiting for their products. That’s why we work hard to provide you with a procurement system you can rely on to work efficiently and on time.

Your business can’t wait for your supplier. Let us solve your supply chain challenges and keep your business growing!

We carry over 10,000 products in the following categories:

• Tools and Toolboxes
• Material Handling Carts, Dollies and Pump Trucks
• Industrial Shelving and Storage
• Spill and Clean up Equipment
• Ladders and Step Stools
• Warehouse Supplies
• Heaters, Fans and Air Purification
• Test, Inspection & Measuring Equipment
• Outdoor / Landscaping Equipment and Tools

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